Northwest Archers has been chartered in Anchorage, Alaska since 1984.   We have sponsored the State Field Shoot since 1986 on the only NFAA Sanctioned field range in the state, located in Kincaid Park. Our non-profit organization is solely responsible for the maintenance as well as financially for this range . And we teach community lessons twice a year for the Municipality in the Fall and Summer, typically for 8 to 10 weeks each season.   With an average class size of 30 archers.

The range features one 10-yard to 80-yard practice range, open to the public.

Available for members only you get a code to the gate and there are three 14 target field ranges and one 26 target bag range. Each field range is approximately 1.5 miles.  The bag range is great for Traditional and Compound archery as well as makes for a good bowhunting archery experience.

Please note: CROSSBOWS and BROADHEADS are not permitted in the park.

We have also worked with Alpine Alternatives to offer blind children archery lessons. We are proud to have NASP or USA Archery Certified Instructors. We also co-sponsor the Unmarked 3-D shoot with Black Sheep Bowmen's Club.  

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Lance Warnick

(907) 351-2477 

Evan Cotten

Vice President
(907) 522-0008

Marsha Weatherford

Secretary / Treasurer
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Range Captains

Bill Sant

Range Captain
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Con Bunde

Range Captain
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